Welcome to our new Tonkinese website, dedicated to our adorable Tonkinese Cat, Chataya Phailin, or as we have lovingly named her Nala and her daughters Sirabi, Lyra and Serafina.




I fell in love with the Tonkinese breed from an early age, due to their affectionate, communicative and gregarious nature. Tonkinese cats are, in my opinion much more like their canine counterparts in their behaviour. Indeed they happily play fetch with items they find around the house! Nala is a solid blue Tonk with teal eyes and particularly enjoys bringing shiny objects to our feet and can happily interact with all members of the family for hours. The sociability and playfulness of the tonkinese breed was never more apparent than when Nala met our other pet, a German Shepherd dog! She immediately fell in love with the giant Shepherd and they are now the best of friends and can often be found frolicking together!

Sirabi is Nala’s daughter from her first ever litter. She has the Blue-Mink colour pattern with teal eyes. Sirabi is a little more timid than Nala but is highly intelligent and has recently mastered the art of opening closed doors!

Lyra and Serafina came along during May 2012 and we are planning on having a litter from both cats during 2014. Lyra is a blue mink Tonk and is very cuddly. She can be a little timid at times but loves cuddling up on a lap or neck! Serafina, another blue mink is much bolder Tonkinese, she loves exploring and often demands play time. Jake is an entirely new addition being unrelated to all the girls. We acquired him during April 2013 and are considering using him as a stud Tonk. He’s a lilac chap with teal eyes and has a fabulously gentle temperament.

Tonkinese cats are exceptionally versatile and whilst they can, at times be full of energy and exceptionally playful, they are also more than content to curl up on your lap or bed and fall gently to sleep. Tonkinese cats are also highly intelligent, often displaying excellent memories and can readily manipulate their owners into abandoning their daily chores and making time for plenty of games and cuddles!

Tonkinese kittens and cats all have exceptional personalities and unique ‘voices’: each meow having a different meaning! Tonks love nothing more than greeting their owners every time they return home with affectionate, often loud meows and are in heaven when they are being cuddled and pampered. Unlike most other breeds of cats, the Tonkinese breed tend to be exceptionally relaxed and laid back: it is extremely rare for them to ever become aggressive.