About Tonkinese Kittens

Tonkinese cats are thought to have originated from Thailand originally, as a distinct breed. The Tonks born and bred in the UK over the last century, are however derived from the breeding of Burmese and Siamese cats.  I feel this brings out only the best features of each breed in the resulting Tonkinese kittens. They carry over the placid and adoring nature of the Burmese but yet also have the unique personalities and charm of Siamese cats. The Tonkinese breed is also unique in having three distinct coat patterns: the solid (Burmese), pointed (Siamese) and Mink pattern. The mink pattern is unique because it does not develop from a genetic basis, but arises purely as a result of the combination of the solid and pointed coat patterns.

Tonkinese cats are generally very slim, sleek and demonstrate good musculature. As such they are often heavier than they look, something often remarked about when they suddenly appear on your lap or shoulder! They have oval paws and triangular faces with prominent ears. I am continually amazed about Nala’s ability to hear even the quietest sounds!

The GCCF describes the eyes of Tonkinese cats as being “large and expressive, more almond shape than round and set well apart”. Overall, Tonks come as an exquisite package and are a delightful addition to any loving home.